Event: Experimental Watercolours Workshop

Experimental Watercolours Workshop


Cost: $45.00 (subsidized by NFAL)

Location:  Nepean Creative Arts Centre,  35 Stafford Road  (Bells Corners), Ottawa

Attendee Number:  Maximum 11 attendees / minimum 8

Materials:  Bring basic watercolour materials & other materials will be provided by instructor

Registration Deadline:  October 26, 2019

Course Description:

This workshop is directed to those artists who are interested in an experimental approach to watercolour painting. Watercolour is a wonderful medium in which to explore the present moment. It is after all about water and colour.

Watercolour’s special ability to move mysteriously and create  unplanned beauty is subject to our knowledge about watercolour and its qualities, but it is also subject to our beliefs about what is acceptable to ourselves and the outside world, even to what constitutes a “good” painting.

In this workshop we will examine the foundations of watercolour, we will look at paints, their properties and the (interesting, different and unusual) tools with which we can create simple, elegant statements, devoid of any particular  subject matter.

After a few hours of painting, my hope is that participants can strip back this beautiful medium to its essential elements and learn to appreciate these elements and the resulting works as “bona fide” creations, poems of the watercolour  medium as opposed to prose.

This workshop is designed to be stimulating, yet calming and rewarding. The most important supply to bring along will be an open mind!

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