Volunteer Positions

Why Volunteer?

As well as the enjoyment and camaraderie of being part of a dynamic team that supports NFAL and its activities, volunteers taking positions will appear on the NFAL Organization Chart;  they will be part of the executive, a coordinator or a committee, and will receive a special bonus of participating in the month-long Volunteer Exhibition in the prestigious Atrium Gallery in late May to late June.

Please consider helping out. We all benefit when YOU volunteer.

Current Volunteer Positions

President or President in Training:

This person is a facilitator, the go to person ensuring that all things in the club run smoothly. He/She supports, advises and steps in when needed as an ex-officio of all committees and projects and as such, oversees all committees and projects . A summary of the responsibilities is as follows: Provides leadership and guidance in all areas, establishes agendas and presides over monthly meetings of the executive and works with the executive team, leads the development and execution of strategies, goals, plans and programs. The President serves as NFAL’s primary contact with the public and represents the organization on all official occasions and reports regularly to membership through President’s reports published in the newsletter (or alternative communications vehicle) at the Annual General Meeting, and Annual Awards Evening.

The President in Training would work with the current President for the next year learning about the role of President and the organization.

Communications Coordinator:

Provides a central contact point for NFAL members and the public. Sends out general communications. Ensures that incoming messages are redirected to the right NFAL position.

Grid Rental Coordinator:

A third Grid Rental Coordinator is required to work as a part of a team with the current Grid Rental Coordinator. This role requires the person to record information about grid rental requests, go to the NFAL locker – unlock it, allow clients to remove and replace grids and collect payment (no lifting or moving of grids involved). Our locker is located off Merivale Road just South of Hunt Club – it is an asset if you live nearby.

Gallery VP:

This position reports to the President. As part of the Executive, attends meetings and contributes to the decision-making process. Coordinates annual hanging schedules with the City (3 open, Atrium) and ensures this information is on the website. Ensures that someone takes photos of gallery exhibitions and submits them to the Website Coordinator and the Newsletter Editor. Prepares activity reports required by the City (2 annually). Liaises with City of Ottawa regarding the gallery, as required.

If you have an interest in taking any of these volunteer positions, please send an email to president@nepeanfineartsleague.com